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Small Ship and Expedition Cruising

Keeping with the adventure focus of our trips to Latin America and Antarctica we are very careful to only choose Small Ships and/or Expedition Style Ships. You won't see any "big" ship cruises on our website as we strongly believe that small ship, expedition cruises offer a higher quality experience and allow you a deeper interaction with the environment and/ or local communities.

Click on the regions below to see some of our most popular cruise ship options.



Amazon Cruises are available from Brazil, Peru and Ecuador meaning there are a wide range of expedition options along this mighty?river.



Antarctica is one of the last untouched destinations in the world where you can see remarkable wildlife, such as penguins, seals, whales and orcas, up-close and in abundance amidst pristine, awe-inspiring scenery with only a minimal human footprint.



Central America

Pass through the Panama Canal, sail a yacht in Brazil or cruise the Caribbean.?



A trip to Ecuador would not be complete without a Galapagos Islands tour, visiting some of the archipelago's 18 volcanic islands and over 100 islets.



With the Chilean fiords, the beagle channel and the lakes district, Patagonia is an expedition cruise paradise.


South America

Sail the spectacular South American coastline. Explore Ecuador, sail the Panama Canal, and get up close and personal with the Darien Jungle. Relax on white sand beaches, and stroll through bustling Cartagena.